SEO Article Writing

The Basics in Writing an SEO Article

SEO is the acronym used to refer to Search Engine Optimization. It is an approach utilized to boost up websites’ visibility and ranking in the search engine result pages (SERP). At first, you might find this aspect very much inclined to the techie side, but in the long run, you will realize that there is more basic to this subject— article writing.
Websites need content in order to gain visibility and high traffic. Although creating SEO-optimized content is way easier said than done, creation entails a sound understanding on the basic of article writing. If you are yet to be an effective writer or already an efficient writer, but want to boost up your writing gauge, then read this page! For quality done for you SEO services visit

Write a Good Article for a Reason
For every article that is written, it is bound by a purpose. Whether you want to influence or to inform, the bottom line should benefit the viewers. In view of this, the article has to be written in a manner that is well-constructed and useful. If you are in Perth (Western Australia) you can use Perth search engine optimisation services to get all of this done for you and achieve top Google rankings.
In writing a good article, it must abide to the basics of English. You should observe grammatical rules, proper usage of words, and of course, the spontaneous flow of thoughts. In this manner, your article can be easily understood by your readers.

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As you write in excellent English, your article should serve its purpose. If you want to inform, then make the article as reliable as possible. You can do this by undergoing research and incorporating your searches in your write-up. More importantly, avoid including irrelevant subjects or sentences that are full of fluff.
Do not make the Article Plain and Ordinary
People do not like reading articles that are plain and boring. If your article consists of long paragraphs, you can just create subheadings or a part II or III of it. In this manner, reading will not be dull.

Keyword Placement and Density
The keywords are important elements in writing an article for a website. As a matter of fact, these are the phrases or words that people often key in in the search box. As these terms are included in the metadata of the page, the keywords are registered and evaluated by the “spiders”. Afterwards, these spiders analyze the content for quality.
As mentioned earlier, keywords are important to an SEO-optimized article. This does not mean that you have to stuff your masterpiece with a lot of key phrases, because it will only distort the flow of your thoughts. In view of this, place the keywords on its proper places such as in the first and last part of the article. More importantly, keyword density should not go beyond 3%. Otherwise, your site will be pulled down to the bottom SERP.

The Wrap
Whether you are writing for your own website or to other party, a good article should meet the criteria of the search engine’s algorithm and as well as the readers’ expectations. When both needs are met, then you are just halfway in reaching your goals in the world of SEO.