How to write LinkedIn recommendations that will make your coworkers love you and could even boost your own career

Over the past decade, social networking such as Facebook has become a powerful force in the business and professional world. And with that being said, LinkedIn has grown and become the world’s largest social networking site that is designed exclusively for professionals. With new members joining nearly every second on the day, it is a rapidly expanding network where professionals can connect with others.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool in connecting people with their colleagues, and it also connects them with recruiters from both large and small businesses. As a result, LinkedIn is an ideal choice for job hunters and those who are looking to expand their own business in Perth, Western Australia.

The ability to leave recommendations for other users is one of LinkedIn’s most powerful features. What are these recommendations? These recommendations are from other LinkedIn members. They can serve as the references on a job application. Members can request recommendations as well as leave recommendations for members in their professional network. Recommendations are easily accessible and serve as excellent networking tools because they show up in the member’s user profile.

When writing a recommendation, the process requires several steps from both parties. This is done to ensure that both people approve of the recommendation prior to it being displayed on a user’s profile. The process is very straight forward. Moreover, this ensures that both parties are satisfied with the recommendation before it appears on a user’s profile.

At some point, your co-worker may ask for a recommendation. When this happens, you will be sent a request. Once you’ve received the request, you can either submit a recommendation or chooses not to. If a recommendation is submitted, your co-worker receives notification and can choose accept or hide the recommendation. He or she may also request revisions.

Writing a recommendation for a co-worker is a challenge. To learn how to properly write one, read this article: