Content Marketing – The New SEO For 2016

Perth SEOSEO has become a critical factor for maintaining an online persona. And it’s evolution continues. As always, businesses in Perth WA will change the way they market products and services and will need to improve the way their search engine optimisation is ranked as everything from visual searching to changes in Panda impacts SEO. SEO will continue to drive traffic and visibility. It will boost brands and help solidify credibility. The SEO process will organically align customer and business goals, taking into account factors like mobile optimisation.

If you want to stay a step ahead in the SEO game, you have to be prepared for its evolution. Here are some trends and developments you may want to take into account as the business and SEO worlds move forward.

  1. Not surprisingly, social media is going to be prominent in the way we market ourselves. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms are expected to grow on the SERPs. reports over three-quarter of marketers are successfully using social media to boost their SEO.
  2. Given the choice, users will always play a video before reading text. A well-executed video is engaging and entertaining, and provides compelling information. Videos improve ranking on the SERPs and Google is paying special attention to blended searches.
  3. Everyone’s still developing their mobile optimisation On-the-go access has become the norm a lot faster than the business world imagined. Thanks to incredibly rapid tech, the reliance on personal devices has exploded and anyone that’s not taking this into consideration is already six steps behind.
  4. As you move forward, your content has to be voice search capable. Everyone is speaking into their devices. The use of long-tail keywords will grow as the populace reaches for their devices with the intent to speak instead of type. Drivers and multi-taskers have the support of Google, Apple and Microsoft, all of whom are proactively pursuing voice-responsive platforms like Siri.
  5. Aggregation is gradually taking its place in digital marketing. Busy users are looking for content that provides all relevant topic information in a single place. They no longer want to find, collate, consolidate, amass, share and present pockets of information from related sources. They want curated content that at least provides authoritative resources and links.

Social media, videos, aggregation, voice searching and mobility: with these platforms on your agenda, you’re ready to maximise your SEO in 2016.